Evolving Threats From Botnets, Web Scraping & IoT Zombies

When it comes to bots, evolution is the name of the game. Nefarious bots are one of the fastest growing and fluid
threats facing cyber security experts today.
To stay ahead of the menace, knowledge equals power. Evolve your security strategy by understanding the market trends that made this threat possible, why IoT devices are so vulnerable, and the differences between the good, the bad and the botnets.

Read When the Bots Come Marching In, a Closer Look at Evolving Threats from Botnets, Web Scraping & IoT Zombies to understand:
  • The perfect storm that led to the outbreak of bot-based cyber assaults
  • Web scraping bots that eat away at revenues and IP
  • How to safeguard IoT devices from becoming enslaved
  • How to become a 'botnet killer' 

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