A remarkable 95% of Hong Kong companies polled in a recent global survey said their employees have tried accessing information that is not necessary for their day-to-day work, with 26% of companies admitting this behavior happens frequently.

Most alarming of the results showed that IT security professionals themselves are among the worst offenders of corporate data snooping. In Hong Kong, nearly half or 45% of IT security professionals admitted to accessing sensitive information about their company’s performance, apart from what is required to do for their job.

These were two of the key findings by Dimensional Data in the survey of over 900 IT professionals from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

It was conducted on behalf of Identity Access Management provider One Identity, and it looked into the trends and challenges related to managing employee access to corporate data.

Survey Findings
Results run the gamut from interesting to shocking and show that unauthorized access by curious, meddlesome or disgruntled employees is a rampant problem. Other survey findings related to IT security professionals’ shocking snooping behavior include: 

IT security executives are the guiltiest by level: Globally, seventy-one percent of executives admit to seeking out extraneous information, compared to 56% of non-manager-level IT security team members. Additionally, 45%of executives admit to snooping for or accessing sensitive company performance information specifically, compared to just 17 percent of non-manager team members.
The smaller the company, the bigger the snoop: Globally, thirty-eight percent of IT security professionals at companies with 500-2,000 employees admit to looking for or accessing sensitive performance data, versus 29% of professionals at companies with more than 5,000 employees.
Workers in technology companies most likely to go on a sensitive information hunt: Globally, forty-four percent of respondents working for technology companies admit to searching for sensitive company performance information, compared to 36% in financial services, 31% in manufacturing, and just 21% in healthcare.... read more

Source from:October 2017, Nearly 50% of HK infosec pros guilty of corporate snooping, Abstract from:http://cw.com.hk/news/nearly-50-hk-infosec-pros-guilty-corporate-snooping


The Global Survey was conducted by Dimensional Research for One Identity. The online survey polled more than 900 IAM-knowledgeable IT security professionals from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.



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