Cyber Assistant is the industry-first’s one-shot learning system that shows ReaQta’s technology leadership in endpoint protection and delivering on its promise to simplify Cybersecurity. By adopting one-shot learning, ReaQta’s Cyber Assistant is capable of learning an analyst’s decision instantly after seeing a given alert only once.

Part of the ReaQta-Hive V3.7 launched in January 2022, it is a brand new user interface and alert recommendation with Cyber Assistant. New features include a new threat hunting API and ability to forward alerts to a user’s own (syslog) server.



New features in ReaQta-Hive V3.7 include:

Brand new Cyber Assistant UI & Alert Recommendations
An autonomous alert management system alleviates analyst alert fatigue by reducing false positives by more than 80%.

Reporting Refresh: Customization and Automation
Improved useability of reporting feature: Report can be configured to automatically email PDF copies to stakeholders, saving analysts the tedious task of manually exporting reports.

Threat Hunting APIs
Multi-tenancy and a third party APIs for threat hunting functionalities is now available. Experience a new world of possibilities for threat hunting capabilities.

Forwarding alerts to your own (syslog) server
Able to forward alerts from the Hive Dashboard to their own server and to collect ReaQta-Hive alerts in their own SIEM or centralized log platform.

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