Radware Alteon NG

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Alteon NG is our next generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA. It provides advanced, end-to-end local and global load balancing capabilities for all Web, cloud and mobile based applications.


Alteon NG load balancer is architecturally designed to ensure application SLA with:
Application SLA Assurance
Complete fault isolation, vADC per application and service, and the ability to scale up or scale out while maintaining performance with ADC-VX, Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA), Alteon VA for NFV and Alteon VA for cloud environment form factors.

Web Performance Optimization
Accelerated web page performance for any end-user device and any browser up to 40% with FastView web performance optimization.

Application SLA Monitoring
Real-time monitoring, proactive SLA management and assurance with agent-less application performance monitoring (APM).

Layered Security Architecture
Protection for applications and infrastructure against cyber-attacks, with accurate attack detection and DoS signaling, in the perimeter or the cloud through attack mitigation systems (AMS).