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SSL Inspection


In order to relieve Web servers in an organization’s data center of the burden of encrypting/decrypting data sent via a secure socket layer (SSL) security protocol – the security protocol that is implemented in every Web browser – SSL offloading sends the process to a separate device to perform the coding/decoding task. This additional SSL offload device is specifically designed to perform SSL inspection acceleration and termination. Radware’s Alteon SSL inspection solution provides a simple one-box solution for offloading traffic encryption/decryption processing for both inbound and outbound traffic. Alteon SSL Inspect acts as a central switching point for all perimeter network security modules, significantly reducing latency of SSL encrypted. Security managers can easily chain and provision security services with highly granular policy options per user profile, with simple out-of-the box wizards. Alteon SSL Inspect supports scalable and flexible security services deployment and reduces overall security solution costs via offloading decryption and re-encryption of SSL encrypted traffic.